Collections of our art for our various projects, shipped and future.

Relic Restorer Art

A big inspiration for the graphic style of Relic Restorer are the beautiful old libraries and museums we have here in the UK.  We want users to feel almost as if they are right there in famous British Library, the Bodleian Library in Oxford or the British Museum reading rooms!

Sing It, Laurie! Art

Gaby P. used the original art assets from the TV show to create the art work for Sing It, Laurie! to create an atmosphere as close to the show the children love as possible.

Future Project

Concept art from our future projects.

Buddha Finger Story

The story & dialogue was written by Katharine N. and illustrated by Celine C. with colouring by Nick. It was inspired by classic cheesy ’80′s martial art action movies and is set in Hong Kong with plenty of back alleys, speed boats, tawdry night clubs and of course, the evil megalomaniac’s hang out of choice, the Charity Gala :D

Buddha Finger Beta Screen Shots

Shots from the game at content complete with all enemies and levels. At this point we started to add the final graphical effects and polish to game to emphasis the “impacts” of successful hits by the player and dynamic “camera zooms” that give the game pace. Original art by Gaby with additions and edits by Anna, and effects by the code team Simon, Stephen, Derek and Lauren.

Buddha Finger Early Art

These shots are as we moved from concept to actual game art.  “Expressive” is important so lots of emphasis on eyes/eybrows and body positions.  Gaby P.

Buddha Finger Concept

Some of the original concept art from Buddha Finger.  By our fabulous artists Gabriella and Celine to define our graphic style.  We <3 clean lines and 80′s colours!


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